Finance Department Finance Department Finance Department Finance Department Finance Department Finance Department Finance Department

Wings of AJK Finance Department


  • Preparation of Annual budget.
  • Proposal of additional funds.
  • Release of salary/non-salary grants.
  • Assistance Package
  • Public Accounts  Committee
  • Departmental Accounts Committees.
  • Loan and advances / Write off loans/losses.
  • Ways and means clearance.
  • Reconciliation of accounts.
  • Budget proposals of autonomous bodies.
  • Release of funds from Federal Govt./Kashmir Council/WAPDA
  • Supervision & control of Govt. finances.


  • Delegation of financial power rules.
  • Up-gradation of posts.
  • Change of nomenclature of posts.
  • Counting of previous service/condonation of gap/deficiency in service.
  • Extraordinary family pension.
  • Additional/current charge allowance/duty allowance.
  • Examination of proposals for imposition, increase or reduction of taxes.
  • Finance bill.
  • Legal matters (writ petitions etc.).
  • Framing and interpretation of financial rules.
  • Banks.
  • Taxes
  • Issuance of financial sanctions.
  • Opinion to other Departments in financial rules / regulations


  • Creation of new posts.
  • Establishment/Up-gradation of Institutions.
  • Re-appropriation of funds.
  • Medical treatment charges/advance drawls.
  • Creation of  supernumerary posts
  • Matters related to Cooperative Department.
  • Local Funds Audit.


  • Release of funds for development projects/schemes of Nation Building Departments and  Autonomous Bodies.
  • Creation and renewal of development posts.
  • Appropriation and Re-appropriation of development funds.
  • Supervision and inspection of development schemes.
  • Scrutiny of  PC-I, PC-II, PC-III, PC-IV & PC-V.
  • Representation in pre-DWP, AK-DWP, AK-CDC, negotiation Committees, SERRA ,DRU and DRAC.
  • Representation of Finance Department in other development fora.
  • Central Purchase Committee (CPC).

FUNCTIONS OF Information Technology WING

  • I.T section provides technical assistance to all the wings of the Finance Department which include:
      • Hardware & Software
      • Provision of accessories
      • Technical manpower in case of special assignments etc.
  • Preparation of annual budget of GOAJK and its implementation in SAP System
  • Preparation of routine and on demand reports/statements for Management.
  • Maintaining of:
    • Daily Cash Balance position
    • Monthly Govt. Account
    • Budget Control Register (BCR) etc.
  • Implementation of all releases, additional funds, re-appropriations etc. in SAP System
  • Creation of New  DDO in SAP system
  • Implementation of New Chart of Accounts (CoA) i.e. A scheme in which certain codes are assigned to various accounts found in a financial system.


Latest Activities

Emergency Numbers


  • Police 0925822-930404
  • Edhi 0925822-443006
  • Rescue 0925822-930447
  • Fire brigade 0925822-920671
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